About Us

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Tipsmas was a vision by Nicole from Life in the Treehouse. She saw amazing Trim Healthy Mama certified coaches on social media and noted that their knowledge would be phenomenal if they all worked together. Thus Tipsmas was born.

Each of our Tipsmas coaches is certified by Trim Healthy Mama and is seeking to live their own best versions of keeping THM simple and sane! We would love to have you join one of our three coaching groups throughout the year or check out our replays!

Why an Exclusive, Encouraging Experience?

Why Exclusive?

  • We want you to have an exclusive experience with us when you sign up for one of our classes! Why? Because we believe the best learning happens when you buy into the results. Our classes are exclusive to paid members.

Why Encouraging?

  • Who doesn’t want to be encouraged!? Our classes are meant to lift you up and encourage you on your Trim Healthy Mama journey. Sure, we also want to challenge you, but at the core our goal is that you walk away feeling edified and lifted up.

Why an Experience?

  • These are not your typically Trim Healthy Mama group coaching sessions. After all, there are twelve of us! These classes are experiences that you won’t find anywhere else!