Our Coaches

Charlotte holds certifications in Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle coaching, health coaching, personal training, and group exercise instruction. She has 10 years of experience within the fitness industry and over 5 years as a health educator and wellness coach. She loves meal prepping and finds joy through cutting cooking time by making leftovers into new meals on the regular. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three overly rambunctious boys (ages: brand new, 2 and 6).

THM Coach Amanda would like for you to join her in the kitchen where she shares easy THM Recipes that you can create even if your like her and have littles running around wild. She loves cooking with ladies via live interactive workshops such as her Sourdough Workshop and Cooking Classes. Also being a nursing mama herself she has a passion for working with pregnant and nursing ladies. Helping them to find food freedom during this season of motherhood. Since becoming a mother Amanda has found she really enjoys being a homemaker. When they aren’t home you can find Amanda and her family around the camp fire!

Fondee is a certified THM coach that loves connecting with and building a THM tribe through live events and retreats hosted at her home. Her coaching centers around navigating your seasons and establishing your rhythms. She loves encouraging and connecting with mothers who are struggling with the challenges of life, stress, and hormones as she juggles her roles as pastor’s wife, mom to 10, Nonnee to 6, daughter, Christ follower, and children’s pastor. Fondee enjoys finding practical THM strategies that work for the whole family and creating sustainable solutions for your season. Fondee lives in the country in Texas with her husband, 5 children still at home, and her Havanese dogs. She loves drinking all types of tea, reading great books, making lists, hanging out with her family, and living intentionally and abundantly.

Hannah is a Certified Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach, and also shares her love of creating healthy food on her blog, Homespun Eats. She loves to hold ladies accountable and to show them that the real joy in THM comes from fueling your body in a way that nourishes it and helps you be the best version of yourself! She also understands coming to THM from a low carb, and scale obsessed background. Hannah lives close to a small country town in Manitoba, Canada that has two tiny grocery stores and no stop lights. When she is not in the kitchen she loves hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling, going thrift store shopping, eating in cute cafés, and having spontaneous adventures.

Nicole is a Certified Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach and shares her love of gluten-free living and recipes on her website Lifeinthetreehouse.com. Her coaching is centered on how to live gluten-free in simple and sustainable ways. She loves helping Mamas with allergies, especially those with families because she started her THM journey for her children with Celiac Disease before committing to it for herself. Nicole resides in far western Montana, along with her husband and 7 children.

Rachael is a certified THM coach that also shares recipes and faith-filled content at her website Healing Home. Her coaching centers around finding practical solutions to women’s obstacles with THM. She loves helping young mothers in the pregnancy and nursing stage and is growing in her understanding of thyroid conditions as that is something she has recently been diagnosed with. Rachael resides in the tundra of Minnesota on 40 acres where they enjoy learning to homestead with their 2 boys and one on the way!

Phabiana is a Certified Trim Healthy Mama Health Coach for the past 2 years. She is a THM Vet for 5+ years. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook as MindBodyWithSoul. Phabiana’s coaching specializes in Pre & Post Weight Loss Surgery, with firsthand experience (VSG June 2018). She also specializes in “New to THM” or New “Again” coaching. She’s a Drive thru Sue with Purist intentions (she needs easy because she’s busy but also looks out for the healthiest purist items & ways to do it). She loves to try new recipes & also has her favorites. Phabiana is a mom to Twin Boys and since she just went through it herself, she is able to guide mothers during their journeys of pregnancy, post pregnancy, and nursing. She resides in New York on Long Island with her husband & her boys. She loves cooking for her family & always tries to find ways to keep her family on plan without them realizing it.